Illinois VOAD leadership is comprised of Members from across the State. For information on how to get in contact with our team, please visit our Contact Us page, or click on the team member that you wish to contact.


Sam Amick

Sam Amick, born and raised in the Salvation Army and has worked in the Peoria Office for 37 years serving in fundraising, program and disaster services. He is the North-Central Illinois Divisional Disaster Services Director, covering areas ranging from Chicago over to Freeport, down to Springfield, so eastern, western, central and northern Illinois counties. Sam is responsible for several disaster service employee teams as well as volunteer teams. The vision for Salvation Army North Central Illinois Disaster Services is “In His Name, no one stands alone”. We try our best to makes sure that anyone affected by a disaster event is helped in some way.

First term ends December 31, 2025

Curt Franklin
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Vice Chair

Second term ends December 31, 2025

James Zinn

James Zinn is the director of commercial partnerships for Relativity. Previously, he was a managing director and chief technology officer for Huron Legal and performed fraud investigations and computer forensic examinations for Andersen.

James has held various ecclesiastical leadership roles with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is currently serving as an Area Welfare and Self-Reliance Specialist with Latter-day Saint Charities. In this capacity, James is an emergency response subject matter consultant to the local leaders of 121 congregations with 57,000 members throughout Illinois.

James’ disaster response experience began in 1994 as a volunteer with the Central Utah Chapter of the American Red Cross and a member of the Community Emergency Response Team at Brigham Young University.

Second term ends December 31, 2024

Executive Committee

Chantel Corrie
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First term ends December 31, 2024

Arnold Ramage
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First term ends December 31, 2024

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First term ends December 31, 2024